Those Magyars!

If the Hungarians were united, the richness of their country would enable them to defend it in the face of any enemy. But they are of the worst type in the world, everyone is seeking his own profit and, if he can, lives on the fat of public property. They have no esteem for other countries. Though they feast together as if they were all brothers, surreptitiously they fight each other. There is no case so evil that it should not be won by the bribing of two or three men. They are haughty and proud, unable to command and to obey but unwilling to accept advice. They work little as they spend their time with feasting and intrigues.

Don’t worry readers (Reader? Silent empty net?), I haven’t turned on the Hungarians. The above was written nearly 500 years ago, in 1521 by the Austrian Ambassador. It just amused me a little.

[The Featured Photo of a typical Hungarian man has nothing to do with this post ;) ]


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