Whilst you Wait

My obsession with the Budapest Metro has developed into an obsession with the seats at Budapest Metro stops. So, like some perpetual commuter I travelled the whole of line 3 (which for no really logical explanation I consider my ‘home’ line), and took some snaps. Occasionally this meant getting off and waiting for the next one, but more often than not involved jumping off the train, kneeling in front of empty chairs, taking a snap, and jumping back on the train, like some demented tourist paparazzi who believes that chairs are celebrities (‘Aha, I got you yellow chair!!’). And in their own way, on metro line 3 at least they are. These would look at lot nicer with a better camera and more than a few seconds, but anyway here they are. Oh and for any station spotters out there amongst my massive readership, gyöngyösi út didn’t make the cut (exactly the same as Forgach ut), nor did körbánya kispest (no seats).

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