The sneeze that goes on forever

I think I’ve drunk too much coffee today, for this is my silly train of thought:

I’m looking out of the aeroplane window (again) and rather obviously observe that we’re floating in the air. And that lots of other people are floating in the air. And then when we land others take off. So there’s always some humans floating in the air. All the time. That’s something like half a million humans floating in the air, circling the earth. Always.

And then I sneeze. And its the same thing. Not only are millions of others sneezing at the same time, but when I stop another sneeze will start. That’s a continous sneeze that will last how long? 10,000 years? And this can be applied to every human action. If you could just tune  into to crying for example then there has been, and will be, a song of tears that has lasted for 10,000 years and will last for 10,000 more. On the other had there’s a smile that will last forever, and laughter that will never stop (well until the Sun grows big and eats us up – that might wipe the smile off our faces).

The world is therefore alive and pulsating all the time with all these things, all these songs of the Humans. There means, of course continous birth, continous death, continous sexual climax, continous dancing (good and bad). For a long time, way past when you and me are just bits of the universe again. And there’s the slightly more mundane or absurd, like the sneeze that lasts forever, the yawn that has no end, the burp that echoes in eternity. At every single moment, always something terrible, always something beautiful, always something stupid.

What’s my point? I have none, just two observations, a) the way we egocentrically perceive the world isn’t the only way it can be perceived, and b) I should drink less coffee.

Apologies, I hope next time to resume the more normal practice of writing about being surprised by Hungarians.

p.s. to keep the smile going, here’s Fam and Mai from the Red Zhou tribe in Northern Vietnam, who I met in the mountains in 2009.


  1. Jack wrote:

    I always have thoughts like this when I drink coffee! I wonder how many eureka moments people have on coffee? Hopefully enough to make one continuous epiphany.

  2. Máté wrote:

    Well, I have two observations: a) I should read your blog more often b) you should drink more coffee :)


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