Mechanics of the Body

I’ve never been to Thailand though in my head I have. I’ve  certainly eat enough Thai Food, and I do know the bustle of a South-Asian city, and can imagine well-enough sunshine on a lazy beach. I have also discovered the powers of a traditional Thai massage. Only thing is I discovered the last bit in Budapest of all places a few years ago.

Now, traditional massage isn’t some gentle cosmetic kneeding, oh no. Done right, as it is by these tough little Thai women with their training certificates on the wall of the place I go, its a down-to-the-nuts-and-bolts fixing. It feels good at the time in a way, but its also pretty tough at times, and frankly, as they press into your shoulder-blade tension, sort of painful. But worth it, as you exit feeling lighter, a little transformed, in short: fixed. They’re the mechanics, you’re the dodgy motor. They know where you tension is, and they know the ways to have a pop at it.

In a better world, I imagine we’d all be trained body mechanics, and this kind of massage would be at least a weekly fixture of life.


p.s. lian massage is the place I like

p.p.s haven’t blogged in so long, must try harder (or accept I’m not a natural blogger).


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