The Lives of Others

One of the things I like about Budapest is how old stuff seems to drift through its narrow corridors in more abundance than other places. And when the Lomtanalitas is town (where people put out stuff they don’t want) you can discover all sorts of interesting bits and pieces.
It wasn’t even a Lomtanalitas day last week when we found, just on the street by the window of my block of flats a bunch of old photographs. They looked like they might have belonged to some old photo studio in Budapest (somewhere on Kiraly street). There were a few shots of couples, children, and quite a few school portraits.
Fascinating to look into the eyes of people from the past, to wonder at what those 100 lives entailed, how in their little way the shaped the world today.

One Comment

  1. Máté wrote:

    interesting, i should pay more attention when it comes.
    and it’s “lomtalanítás” :)


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