Forgotten Pleasures

Its funny the things most of us stop doing as we grow up. Things somehow forever associated with childhood. The instruments we played, the sports we enjoyed, the art we made. These things in themselves are not childish, but apart from those who go on to be defined by these activities, they often get left in the school days past. Maybe we just had more time then, maybe they were usurped by newer pleasures.

I know that whilst I took music along with me into adulthood, I stopped drawing and painting and those were things I used to enjoy. I didn’t ever really learn to do those things properly  but just the activity of messing about with them was deeply satisfying. Now that I’ve had some extra time on my hands I thought I’d have a little play again. And as I sat there one evening, and drew fat slabs of colour over the canvass I realised how much I’d missed this. Twenty odd years of missing out on this simple, relaxing, fun. It was good to have it back.

These pictures detail my tentative attempts to put paint to paper, including the process of working out how to paint a Traubisoda bottle, which is apt because when I first fell for the fizzy grapey charms of Traubi (Hungary around 1986) was probably the last time I painted something on canvas.


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